Get Rid Of Your Pest Problem Quickly & Safely With The Industries Leading Pest Management Service

Introducing Our New Premium Pest Management Service Giving Your 12 Months Pest Protection With One Fee

Do you see Cockroaches at Night?
Do you find ants in your kitchen cupboards and on benches?
Do you hate walking into spiders’ webs in the dark?
Do you here scratching in the roof and worry what the rodents are gnawing?
Would you like the peace of mind knowing termites aren’t eating away your home?

Our new Premium Pest Management Service will give you a general pest warranty of 12 months and a termite inspection.
What’s included:

  • General pest treatment of cockroaches, ants, webbing spiders and rodents
  • 1 x interior treatment, (including garage, roof void and sub floor)
  • 1 x termite inspection with a full written report.
  • 2 x exterior treatments (including fences).

Exterior treatments break down over time and loose effectiveness due to weathering. A second exterior treatment each 6 months will give you a pest free home and a 12 months’ general pest warranty!

Best in industry. Great value.

FJ Now Pest and Building is a member of Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association and is Pest Cert Accredited.