FJ Now Pest and Building is primarily an Inspection specialist business providing pre-purchase pest and building inspections and annual termite inspections. Whilst I specialise in inspection services I also provide termite treatments to AS 3600. Termite treatment is by written quotation and is a 3 stage process.

Stage one: Termite Inspection

Our termite treatment always starts with a full and thorough inspection of the property.  After a thorough termite inspection including thermal camera inspection and Termatrac radar, the areas of termite activity are identified and (if conditions are suitable and enough termites are present ).

Stage 2: Termite colony eradication:

Post a thorough inspection of the property, an evaluation is made and options discussed with client. A plan is developed which utilises the best methods of colony control and preventative measures for the property.

For stage 2, I select between Termidor dust/liquid or Termite baiting to treat termite infestations. These methods offer the best results for colony eradication.

Stage 3:  Preventative Measures.

Again I use a flexible approach to preventative measures choosing the options best suited to the dwelling construction and those offering the best protection. These may include chemical barriers, installation of physical barrier, monitor systems or a combination of methods. There is a need for frequent follow up inspections initially after the treatments then annual termite inspections. Preventative treatments have a warranty period.